The “PC Building With Josh” Video Series Kicks Off!

The “PC Building With Josh” Video Series Kicks Off!

Remember Josh and his Not From Concentrate series? Now he’s back and he will show you how to build a PC from a scratch with some customization tips.

Some of you might recall Josh’s first series in which he proved that PC building can be a work of art. If you don’t, check out the Not From Concentrate series here.

Now Josh is assembling a PC for one of his friends and uses this occasion to share some tips for both basic and more advanced users.

Watch the first episode:

Next episodes will be published on SAPPHIRE’s YouTube channel according to the schedule below:

July 24, 5:00 PM CET – Episode 2: Preparing the Components

July 26, 5:00 PM CET – Episode 3: Liquid Cooling Installation

July 28, 5:00 PM CET – Episode 4: Wiring and Graphics Card Installation

July 30, 5:00 PM CET – Episode 5: Tuning and Testing

You can also share your story about fixing or building a PC for someone and win a SAPPHIRE R9 380 ITX Compact graphics card. Enter the contest HERE.

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