Assassin's Creed Odyssey Gameplay Review - PULSE RX Vega 56 8GB - 60FPs 1080p

Welcome, Agent 47. Boost your performance in Hitman 2, Battlefield V and Fallout 76 with the latest version of Radeon Software Adrenalin! 🔧

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Check out this 'Small BUT Mighty' system build from the guys at eteknix. It features the SAPPHIRE PULSE RX 570 8GB graphics card.

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BlizzCon 2018 begins today and Diablo seems to be taking center stage! 😈 What do you hope will be announced at Blizzard's big event?

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Two popular solo play game worlds - Elder Scrolls and Fallout have moved into the arena of multiplayer gaming. Do you think this is the right direction for these franchises?

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Everyone starts somewhere, which genre of PC Gaming was your first, FPS, RPG, Strategy or Simulation?

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Do you celebrate Halloween? Any plans to dress up as a pumpkin? Here's a list of some 'spooky' Halloween events in today's hot games!

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Three big games are set to release this November - Hitman 2, Fallout 76 and Battlefield V. Which one do you find the most interesting?

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RT @Hitman: 400+ Challenges 100+ Hours of Gameplay 6 Sandbox Locations New Game Modes In #Hitman2’s World of Assassination, that’s just th…
2018-11-10 13:26:30
RT @AMDGaming: There are only a few days left to get @assassinscreed Odyssey, @StrangeBrigade, and @starcontrolgame: Origins free with purc…
2018-11-02 12:47:25
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