Battalion 1944 Gameplay Overview - Pulse RX 570

Some games don't live up to the hype at launch, but here are three titles we think have greatly improved over time! ;)

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Up close look at the outputs on the SAPPHIRE NITRO RX580 graphics card, which comes with 1x DVI-D, 2x HDMI and 2x DP ports for all your gaming needs! 👊 . . #SAPPHIRE #NITRO #RX580 #graphicscard #GPU #hardware #SapphireTechnology #output

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Battalion has finally left early access so is it worth picking up? Our new video up on our YT channel provides a basic overview, shows some gameplay and talks about the performance on the SAPPHIRE PULSE RX 570 running max settings at 1080p Watch it here:

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New video up on YouTube! Gameplay impressions of Trover Saves The Universe, the recently released 3D action platformer from Justin Roiland and Squanch Games, played at Max/Epic settings at 1080p on the Sapphire Pulse RX 570. Check it out:

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The SAPPHIRE PULSE RX570 giving you the best possible frame rates for every dollar spent👌 . . #SAPPHIRE #PULSE #RX570 #framerate #graphicscard #GPU #hardware #SapphireTechnology

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The SAPPHIRE NITRO VEGA 64 with a 1580 MHz engine clock speed paired with our innovative cooling 💨 . . #SAPPHIRE #NITRO #VEGA64 #graphicscard #GPU #hardware #SapphireTechnology

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The SAPPHIRE NITRO RX590 Special Edition blending in as a great addition to this mix of fire🔥 and ice❄️ in this rig by Chino Taurus Fernandez! . . #SAPPHIRE #NITRO #RX590 #SpecialEdition #fireandice #PCsystem #PCrig #custombuild #graphicscard #GPU #SAPPHIREnation

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Hi SAPPHIRE NATION! After much debate and deliberation, we have chosen our NITRO & PULSE winners for the Wallpaper Contest🙌 Congrats to our FIRST PRIZE winners @killmeeeeps on Instagram and @hirok82891233 on Twitter for your wallpaper submissions shown here, great job on the creative aspect while also showcasing our brand messaging! You will each be receiving a SAPPHIRE NITRO RX590 AMD50 Gold Edition GPU and goodie bag Our 8 runners up below will also be receiving a goodie bag: @chris_dmt on Twitter @Exades89 on Twitter Alper Kaan Uçan on Facebook @Atanazajos on Twitter Azwan Muhd on Facebook @KKJeTouch on Twitter Mark Sully on Facebook @tomysd2 on Twitter We will be directly contacting all winners by email. If your social handle is in this post, please make sure to check your email inbox / junk mail folders. A big THANK YOU to all who participated in this contest! We really enjoyed reviewing all of your submissions and had a tough decision😃

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