Steam Winter Sale 2018 – 10 Games Worth Buying

Steam Winter Sale 2018 – 10 Games Worth Buying

The Steam Winter Sale 2018 has begun, and as usual it is easy to miss some precious gems. Let me suggest 10 titles that might be worth your attention.

To narrow down the list, I used four criteria:

  • Games at a moderately low price,
  • You may not be 100% convinced to try them,
  • Aren’t always the newest games,
  • I have personally enjoyed playing them.

The titles listed here are in no particular order.

DOOM (2016)

Doom Eternal is on the way, but its predecessor is still very fresh in its oldschool FPS glory. It combines fast-paced and really satisfying gameplay with neat graphics and well-suited, energetic music. It gives you a great feeling of power from mid-game and onward. It’s really a blast, especially if you enjoy making a literal bloody mess out of your enemies and don’t like the idea of hiding behind covers.

The Talos Priciple

Who would think that the creators of Serious Sam – a rather mindless (but very enjoyable) series of shooters – would come up with such a profound game. It is about solving riddles and the plot touches on the topics of existence, moral problems with AI, self-awareness, faith and the definition of humanity. It might sound heavy, but it’s not served in an overwhelming way. If you like a challenge, the riddles (and especially bonus tasks) can be more demanding than the ones in Portal 2, for example. My only complaint is about the endings – I expected a little more from them.

Wasteland 2: Director’s Cut

One of the shining examples that crowdfunded games can actually be good. Fans of turn-based tactical and unforgiving games may rejoice. Wasteland features a climatic post-nuclear setting, but with a little more serious and realistic flavour than the Fallout series. The game was very buggy after its release, but the Director’s Cut version received a lot of improvements and technical issues haunt it no more.

Layers of Fear

In a nutshell, it is a “walking sim” horror – but a really good one. The plot revolves around art and madness and it drives the game really well. Layers of Fear is a rather short experience, but at low price I find it totally worth a shot, even if you’re not sure if you like such games. The Inheritance DLC also deserves a recommendation.

What Remains of Edith Finch

What a weird game… in a positive way, of course. It tells a very intriguing story of a cursed family plagued by many deaths, but at the same time it is filled with warmth and serenity. Playing it is a very relaxing expericence and can give you some positive vibes. I was startled at how many gameplay mechanics were implemented in such a seemingly non-complicated game. I especially liked the fish-cannery level. The only wish I had was for the story to be a little longer.

Alan Wake

This title had some issues with music rights, but now it celebrates a great comeback to Steam. Alan Wake features great atmosphere of mystery-shrouded small town inspired by Twin Peaks or Stephen King novels. It achieves this through a good combination of setting, plot and music. I also highly recommend the soundtrack to the game and Groundhog Day inspired American Nightmare DLC. Hail the Old Gods of Asgard!

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

Buy it, put headphones on and just experience it. It is a fantastic game with great atmosphere and a mature approach to psychological problems. You may find it worth noting that the creators of the game have done everything by themselves. They’ve managed to release it without any publisher support, which is even more impressive.

Dark Messiah of Might & Magic

It is highly possible that you have played or at least heard of Dishonored or its sequel. Dark Messiah was created by the same team and you can clearly see that it gave them a lot of experience for the following Dishonored. Although it is just a spin-off of the Might & Magic series, I can honestly say that I would like to see more spin-offs of such quality. For its time it was really a breakthrough and it still holds well. It is fantastic how many combat options are in it. Sadly, the game never got very popular. When the demo was released I played it 20 times together with a friend at my side, and we experimented like crazy and enjoyed it each end every time.

Valiant Hearts: The Great War

Gameplay-wise it’s nothing outstanding. But the main trait of Valiant Hearts is the story and the First World War setting. There are very few good games that touch upon this subject. Battlefield 1 is of course a solid game, but it is a very poor representation of the WWI reality. Despite having more cartoonish aesthetics, in my opinion Valiant Hearts is a much better attempt at showing the horror of this conflict. Although all the “boss” fights unnecessarily devalue this feeling.


Just another high quality, totally crazy Japanese slasher. This time the main character is a lewd librarian. If you are a fan of Devil May Cry 3 or alike, you should be satisfied – Bayonetta is fast-paced, skill-demanding and packed with absurd action. It’s a real shame that Bayonetta 2 was never released on PC and probably never will be.

I hope that you will find at least one title from the above list to your liking. Choose wisely and enjoy!

Grzegorz Iwan
Grzegorz Iwan
Amateur extreme overclocker from Poland, one of two Poles who broke the 8 GHz CPU clock barrier. Hardware enthusiast and collector, envoy of PCMasterRace philosophy; You can find ivanov's fanpage here.




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