SAPPHIRE How To: Set NITRO Glow Color

SAPPHIRE How To: Set NITRO Glow Color

We bring you a new series of tutorial videos and articles about SAPPHIRE products! It’s a perfect place to start if you’re new to building computers or need some specific information about taking care of your GPU.

This second part of our SAPPHIRE How To series details the way you can illuminate your Nitro+ graphics card thanks to the Nitro Glow feature! It’s a fully customizable RGB light that can be set to match the color scheme of your system. It can also change its color according to the PCB temperature of your card or the fan speed. Alternatively, you can simply display the iconic Sapphire blue illumination.

The first thing you need to do is download the SAPPHIRE TriXX NITRO Glow utility software. After launching the tool, you will see a very simple menu with a number of lighting options:

  • Pure blue color
  • Rainbow
  • Color change by PCB temperature
  • Color change by fan speed
  • Custom color
  • Turn off

Pure blue color will change the logo on the card to the iconic Sapphire blue. Rainbow will cause it to shift randomly between different colors.

Choosing the PCB temperature indicator will make the glow breathe slowly below 60°C, turn to light purple below 70°C and deep purple below 80°C. If the card’s temperature exceeds 80 °C, the logo starts flashing red.

The fan speed option works in a similar way – the logo will glow blue below 200RPM, light purple between 200 and 1000 RPM, deep purple from 1001 to 1500 RPM, and red when the fans start spinning faster than 1500 RPM.

For RGB enthusiasts, the custom color mode allows you to pick a specific color form the RGB wheel to perfectly match it with other lighting elements of your PC. Lastly, you can choose the brightness of the logo from a set of three options (50%, 75%, 100%).

If you are a lucky owner of a NITRO+ Vega 64 or 56 model, the NITRO Glow utility will also adjust the colors of the shroud and backplate RGBs. Once selected, the settings are preserved on the card itself – you don’t need to have the software running or worry about rebooting your PC.

Pretty simple, right? RX 500 and RX Vega video cards from the Nitro+ series all include the NITRO Glow feature, which lets you customize the RGB to your own liking.

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