Gaming Vacation with 2game & SAPPHIRE!

Gaming Vacation with 2game & SAPPHIRE!

Summer Holidays are here! Treat yourself with a vacation ticket from 2game & SAPPHIRE and win a voucher for a free AAA-game or big rebates! You pick the destination!

From snowy peaks of the Skyrim Province, Azeroth’s vibrant, conflicted terrains to flashy streets of Los Santos – there’s a lot of places to spend vacation in – at least gaming-wise. And the choice is all yours! Take part in SAPPHIRE & 2game contest and win a voucher for free base AAA-game of your choice or rebates – 50% or 25% off of purchase* at 2game!

Apart of that we’ve got for all of you a 15% discount code that you can use at 2game: SAPPHIRE2GAME

Enter the contest

The prize pool consists of the following 2game vouchers*:

  • 1x 100% OFF for a base game
  • 2x 50% OFF vouchers
  • 10x 25% OFF vouchers

To take part in the summer giveaway, please fill the form below.



  1. Jules Nemo – Malaysia (100% Off voucher)
  2. Blake Taylor – Australia (50% Off voucher)
  3. Sergey Novikov – Russia (50% Off voucher)
  4. Sanjidur Rahman – Bangladesh (25% Off voucher)
  5. Florian Urban – Austria (25% Off voucher)
  6. Marchal Romain – France (25% Off voucher)
  7. Angelo Batista do Nascimento – Brazil (25% Off voucher)
  8. Matthew Jenkins – United States (25% Off voucher)
  9. Viktor Klinc – Croatia (25% Off voucher)
  10. Krystian Łabacki – Poland (25% Off voucher)
  11. Lee Thomson – United Kingdom (25% Off voucher)
  12. Stipe B – Bosnia and Herzegovina (25% Off voucher)
  13. William Johansson – Sweden (25% Off voucher)

Look out for an email from SAPPHIRE soon!

Hot Gaming Summer

The contest is open till July 21st, 2018. Winners will be announced few days later in this article – we will pick your coolest ideas and reasoning behind them! Have a fun, hot gaming summer!

* vouchers apply to purchase of any game under 50 EUR/USD/GBP and are valid until 31.12.2018

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